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2024-25 Catalog 
2024-25 Catalog

Comparative Race and Ethnicity Studies

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The program in comparative race and ethnicity studies (CRES) is intended for students who wish to combine focused study in anthropology, dance, English, history, music, religion, or sociology with comparative interdivisional work on race and ethnicity. Seven courses of study are available, each concentrating in a home department with an emphasis on the comparative study of race and ethnicity across borders and boundaries, augmented with cross-disciplinary requirements in CRES. CRES majors will be identified with their home department of concentration as CRES-anthropology, CRES-dance, CRES-English, CRES-history, CRES-music, CRES-religion, or CRES-sociology.

The CRES committee approves courses across the college as CRES foundational or CRES designated. CRES-foundational courses treat specific categories of race and ethnicity as the central object of inquiry and teach approaches (including theories and methods) to the study of race and/or ethnicity within given disciplines. CRES-foundational courses are designed to provide foundational training for the CRES major, and are cross-listed in both the department and CRES. CRES-designated courses examine questions of race and ethnicity for half of the semester or more. Topics might include the history and politics of racial and ethnic categories; the construction of race and ethnicity in social, economic, and cultural organization; and the experiences of marginalized and oppressed peoples. An annually updated list of CRES-foundational courses, CRES-designated courses, and CRES committee members is available on the CRES website: reed.edu/cres.

Admission to the Major

To be admitted to the CRES program, students must obtain signatures of their home department adviser and a CRES committee member on their declaration of major form. Students should use this opportunity to discuss their proposed course of study with a CRES committee member, ensuring that CRES courses will be offered in the semesters proposed and that all of the major requirements will be met. Note that in some departments only certain pairs of courses may be combined to satisfy CRES major requirements; please see reed.edu/cres/courses.html for a list of CRES courses and qualifying pairs.

A Minor in CRES

The CRES minor engages students with the cross-disciplinary examination of race and ethnicity and fosters an understanding of approaches (including theories and methods) to the study of race and/or ethnicity within given disciplines. Students in any major other than CRES (even if that major is offered as a CRES home department) may minor in CRES.





CRES Course List  



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