Jun 23, 2024  
2024-25 Catalog 
2024-25 Catalog

German with a Concentration in Culture Studies

(Requirements for the German major with a concentration in culture studies are listed below. Follow this link for the German Minor  requirements.)

Students must complete all of the following requirements to graduate with a bachelor of arts in this program. Some courses may apply toward multiple requirements.

College Requirements:


Students are required to complete all standard college requirements.

Division Requirements:


Students are required to fulfill the division requirements for their major. Total divisional units: 3

Major Requirements:

Total major units: 11-16, depending on language proficiency

Five Units in German Language, Depending on Language Proficiency

⇒Students should inquire with the German department about appropriate substitutions.

Six Units in German at the 300 level or Higher (excluding 311 and 470):

⇒A minimum of four taken at Reed.

⇒A minimum of two not in translation

⇒A maximum of two units may be selected from departments related to the German culture studies program, such as history, art history, and philosophy.

One Unit of German or Modern European History

Junior Qualifying Examination

Recommended, but Not Required:

One year of study abroad through a program approved by the German department and Reed College.