Apr 14, 2024  
2024-25 Catalog 
2024-25 Catalog

Division of the Arts

The academic program of the Division of the Arts encourages scholarship, creativity, and performance. Studio courses and opportunities for performance and production provide intensive experience in the study and practice of the various artistic disciplines. Major programs are available in art (Art with a Concentration in Art History Art with a Concentration in Studio Art ), dance (Dance with a Concentration in Dance Studies Dance with a Concentration in Dance Studio ), music (Music ), and theatre (Theatre ). Students may also pursue interdisciplinary majors, including Dance/Theatre  and Literature/Theatre . Students pursuing the interdisciplinary Comparative Race and Ethnicity Studies major combine interdivisional work with study in one of six home departments, including dance and music (Comparative Race and Ethnicity Studies with a Concentration in Dance Comparative Race and Ethnicity Studies with a Concentration in Music  ).

Divisional Requirements

The Division of the Arts maintains no specific requirements.

Any major in any department of the division who undertakes independent study (481) must have the independent study courses approved by the division. The opportunity for independent study is ordinarily offered only to upper-class students who have done extensive work in the area.

Departments in the Division of the Arts